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40 3/4” x 31”, 2004

Paper Pulp: Background - Thistle: never forget, grief, hard work, Iris: message, promise, Raspberry: fulfillment, remorse, Grasses: fleeting quality of life. Photographs - “Judy” taken by Scott Belville and “Judy's Fortune Cookies” printed on - thistle on cotton: never forget, grief, hard work, “No Guts”, painting detail by Judy Jones and “View from Wall in Cortona”, photograph by Gibby Waitzkin printed on - lavender stalk on cotton: devotion, constancy, soothes the tremblings and passions of the heart, “Judy's bird” with her quote and “View of Cortona”, photograph by Gibby Waitzkin printed on - Grasses on cotton: fleeting quality of life.

Flowers: Clematis: mental beauty Honeysuckle: bonds of love, Red Clematis: unchanged for eternity, Olive: recollections, peace, Bee Balm: healing, love, fun, rejuvenation, Dill: irresistible, Red Salvia: forever thine, Artichoke: adoration, Iris: message, promise, Catmint: virtue, Columbine: I cannot give thee up, Camellia: excellence, beauty, perfected loveliness, contentment, Anemone: forsaken truth, Verbena: family union, Stock: lasting beauty, Orchid: refinement, beautiful, Feverfew: good health, Daffodil: regard, respect, Baby's breath: gaiety, Pink Rose buds: grace, beauty, gentleness, you are lovely Lavender: devotion, luck, success, soothes the tremblings and passions of the heart, Delphinium: beauty, White Violet: candor, Astilbe: I’ll still be waiting, Cleome: purity, fruitfulness, majesty, Mock orange: brotherly love, Rosemary: remembrance, Pansies: loving thoughts, Zinnia: thoughts of absent friends, Coreopsis: always cheerful, Marjoram/Oregano: joy of the mountains, creative force, Coral Bells: scholarship, Variegated Tulip: beautiful eyes, Hosta: devotion, Fern: fascination, Clove: protection, courage, Queen Anne's Lace: protection, Goldenrod: encouragement Red and White Rose: creative force, Cherry Blossoms: good education, Peony: beauty, welcome Daisy: innocence, Hydrangea: remembrance Dogwood: durability, Azalea: spring, Primrose: gaiety, early youth, innocence, sorrow, Sage: to save, Blue Salvia: think of you Wisteria: I cling to thee, daughter's sweetness, Maple: beauty, elegance

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