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Donnie McCune

15” x 36”, 20” x 36”, 15” x 36”
Triptych 2005

I met Donnie’s mom, Darcy Lewis and his sister Casandra at the Faces of the Fallen Exhibit. Annette Polan, curator, had asked me to create a portrait of Donnie from my handmade paper. After meeting Darcy and visiting with her, I asked if I could make a piece- to commemorate Donnie’s life- twenty years- and his service for our country. Donnie died August 5, 2004. He had served with the National Guard in Iraq since May 1, 2004. Donnie was honored with the Bronze Star for selfless service, the Purple Heart for wounds received in action, and the Combat Infantry Badge for engaging in active ground combat.

Darcy sent me photographs from their family- Donnie growing up with his mom, his sister- Casandra, his grandfather- who fought in World War II; National Guard buddies in the States and over in Iraq. The newspaper clips are taken from: The Ann Arbor News- August 8, 2004, August 16, 2004, and May 29, 2005.

Left Panel
Flowers: Japanese maple: baby’s hands, Honeysuckle: bonds of love, devotion, affection, Hydrangea: remembrance, devotion, Mint: virtue, Chives: protection, courage, strength, Lavender: devotion, success, soothes the tremblings and passion of the heart, Daisy: Innocence, Goldenrod: encouragement, Red Salvia: forever thine.

Middle Panel
Flowers: Honeysuckle: bonds of love, Lilac: youth, Mock Orange: brotherly love, Pansies: thoughts, Nasturtiums: patriotism, Zinnias: thoughts of absent friends, Witch Hazel: spell, war, Sunflower: adoration, Calendula: health, remembrance, affection, caves, grief, Thyme: bravery, courage, strength, Cherry blossom: sweetness of character derived from good works, good education, Yarrow: war, Sage: to save, Laurel: glory.

Right Panel
Flowers: Honeysuckle: bonds of love Iris: message and promise Queen Anne’s Lace: protection White violets: candor, purity of sentiment, spotless innocence, Red rosebud: innocent, hope, young and beautiful, Astilbe: I'll still be waiting, worldly pleasures, Black eyed Susan: justice, Hollyhock: a cure, healing, Rhododendron: danger.

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