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Will Out West - 1908

30” x 15”, 30” x 20”, 30” x 15” Triptych, 2005

Before my Grandfather William “Will” James Edwards got married to Amy Shields, he took a journey to retrace his father's earlier path through America during the Gold Rush period of the 1840’s. These are all postcards that he sent to his bride to be - Amy Shields.

Paper Pulp: Background - Sunflower: adoration Lavender: devotion, success, soothes the tremblings and passions of the heart, Bamboo: durability, longevity, and graceful strength, Wood’s Grasses: fleeting quality of life, Cattail: peace and prosperity, Iris: a message, promise. Postcards are printed on the following papers (many with a cotton/ abaca backing) Sunflower: adoration, Thistle: grief, hard work, Scottish- never forget! Lavender: success, devotion, soothes the trembling and passions of the heart, Cattail: peace and prosperity.

Left Panel
Postcards from Atlanta; Hot Springs Colorado, The three Graces, Half-way House at Pike Peak, Colorado

Flowers: White rose buds: beauty and youth, purity, beauty, joy, friendship, unity, you are gentle, Honeysuckle: bonds of love, devoted, affection, White violet: candor, purity of sentiment, spotless innocence, honesty- trust worthiness, sincerity (grown from seeds my Amy passed down to me), Thistle: Scottish (for Amy) - never forget, hard work, grief, Red Salvia: forever thine, Anemone: truth, Catmint: virtue, makes man fierce and bold, Purple salvia: wisdom, I think of you.

Middle Panel
Photographs from Will’s trip
Flowers: Sunflower: adoration, Sweet pea: departure, delicate pleasures, meet me, Mock Orange: brotherly love, Queen Anne’s Lace: protection, Basil: best wishes, Lavender: success, devotion, soothes the tremblings and passions of the heart, Gladiola: strength of character, Delphinium: beauty, Mint: virtue, warm feelings of sentiment, Digitalis/ foxglove: wish.

Right Panel
Postcards from the Cathedral Spores at the Garden of the Gods, the summit at Pikes Peak, Balanced Rock and the Denver Convention Hall.

Flowers: Honeysuckle: bonds of love, devoted, affection, Rhododendron: a message, Astilbe: I'll be waiting, worldly pleasures, Artichoke: adoration, Hydrangea: devotion, remembrance, Rosemary: remembrance, your presence revives me! Fidelity, devotion, wisdom, good luck in the New Year, strengthens the memory.

Encaustic Bouquet: for My Amy - Hydrangea: devotion, Rosemary: remembrance, Rhododendron: danger, Mock Orange: brotherly love, Blue salvia: I think of you, Lavender: success, devotion, soothes the trembling and passions of the heart, Roses: love, Marjoram: joy of the mountain, creative force, Daisy: innocence, Witch Hazel: a spell, war, Peony: beauty, bashfulness.

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