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March 4- April 22, 2018
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Continuum and Beyond

March 15-May 15, 2018
Voter Participation Center
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Bridget & Hugh’s and Dick & Laura’s Garden

30” x 11”, 30” x 16 1/2”, 30” x 11” Triptych 2005

Paper Pulp: Bamboo: durability, longevity, graceful strength

Flowers: Peonies: beauty, welcome, bashfulness, Poppy: life and death, enthusiasm, Purple Lilac: first emotion of love, youth, acceptance, love, beauty, modesty, humility, Azalea: spring, love, romance, first love, moderation, White Lilac: youthful innocence, purity, sweetness, humility, Camellia: excellence, beauty, perfected loveliness, contentment, Dogwood: love undiminished by adversity, faithfulness, durability, White Wisteria: welcome, fair, stranger, I cling to thee, helpless and delicate, daughter's sweetness, Mock Orange: brotherly love, Jonaquil: I desire a return of affection, have pity on my passion! Snowdrops/Galanthus: consolation, Scilla-Hyacinth: kindness, play, games, sport.

Encaustic Bouquet: from their garden.

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