Continuum of Being

Reflection of Life, 2013

76 x 84

Fiber sculpture: Right Side-from inside to outside
1) Iris with spikey palm backed with Maine Sunflower
2) Cattail embedded into Sarvisberry Blend *
3) Green Iris couched onto Sarvisberry Blend
4) Palm couched onto Sarvisberry Blend
5) Sarvisberry Blend with milkweed seeds and fibers
6) Ginger mounted with Gampi stained with walnut
7)Banana wash on Sarvisberry Blend
8) Coarse Iris in Sarvisberry Blend
9) Sarvisberry Blend with Bird’s nest
10) Hemlock wash on Sarvisberry Blend
11) Coarse Banana with Sarvisberry Blend
12) Cattail with Sarvisberry Blend
13)Okra mounted with Kozo Dyed with walnut
14) Kozo, Gampi with money plant
15) Coarse Iris on Sarvisberry blend
16.)Yucca dyed with Walnut
17) Green lily / hand beaten
18) Water lilies with Gampi
19) Banana stalk

Left Side – from inside to outside
1) Catawba bean with snow retted flax
2) Iris fiber over Sarvisberry blend
3) Green iris over Sarvisberry blend
4) Bamboo in Sarvisberry blend
5) Sarvisberry blend in milkweed
6) Banana stalk
7) Coarse Iris with Gampi
8)Ginger with walnut dyed Kozo
9) Sarvisberry blend with bird’s nest
10) Green lily / hand beaten
11) Hemlock with Sarvisberry blend
12) Coarse palm in Sarvisberry blend
13) Gampi dyed with Walnut
14) Kozo and Gampi embedded with money plant
15) Yucca dyed with walnut
16) Banana blend
17) Water Lily with gampi
18) Banana stalk
all fibers sealed with wax.

The Process


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