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Raleigh Fine Artists Exhibition

March 4- April 22, 2018
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Continuum and Beyond

March 15-May 15, 2018
Voter Participation Center
1707 L Street, NW suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

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A special Thank You


I want to recognize Paul Guerra's work- the incredible custom-made Hemlock frames. Paul and I have been working on the installation work for Fibers of Memory for the past year. I met Paul through Tom Ashcraft, a great sculptor and a compassionate teacher at George Mason University. Paul stepped up to help Tom with an installation, 'From Table to Chair', at our farm Sarvisberry. In the meantime, Tom has just opened the University Park 9/11 Memorial Garden-please do not miss visiting. Paul brought his 'mobile shop' to assist Tom and his students, all of his tools, and over 300 clamps weighing more than 800 lbs.

As the art network works and operates, Paul brought in my good friend George Hemphill, to advise us on the framing for my show. With our walking orders from George, we proceeded to make up the pieces that soon evolved into complicated triptychs with shelves for my encaustic painted pieces. When we started the Donnie McCune piece, I wanted a shelf with a drawer for his medals and personal memories from his life. Paul decided we should make a table for it to rest on. Having completed and shipped all the of the other frames (leaving only the 2 screens to do Paul crated the Donnie piece and it was ready to join the exhibit. There was just one problem- the crate was supposed to ship out on the morning Katrina hit New Orleans - Paul's studio sits 2 blocks from the Mississippi River!

Paul, of course, jumped in to help the people of his community there- loaning gas to the police for their cruisers, giving his hatchet to the National Guard to get people out of their homes, fixing things, and driving his truck to rescue folks left out on Interstate 10- people who had been dropped there after being rescued by helicopter. Paul said at one time, there were over 70 people in the back of his truck- the same one that had been a 'mobile shop' for Tom. Paul is still in New Orleans helping folks - his mother, his brother get back in to their homes. What a hero he is!

In the middle of all of Katrina, Paul kept calling me to let me know he had 'Donnie' and he would ship it to me for the show. One part of me thought - he'll never get it out of there and another said, of course Paul will get it to DC, and on Thursday, September 15th- it arrived. Paul was determined to get 'Donnie' here for the show and for his family who are is coming down from Michigan to be part of the opening. Thank you, Paul.

Below is some background information on Paul Guerra provided by George Hemphill and contact info. And as Tom Ashcraft said and you can see, Paul is amazing artist, technician, and craftsman; and he brings incredible humanity to anything he takes on.

After matriculating for several semesters in a traditional university setting, Paul Guerra set out to travel the world and learn from life. Armed with a large format camera, the artist captured images of people, cultural ritual, and inspired locations in India and points east. His photographs were exhibited widely. Upon his return to the U.S., Guerra found work on an oilrig in the Gulf Coast. The limited resources, space, and time demands of that environment honed the inventor's ability to engineer and perfect complex projects. Applying his knowledge of materials and building techniques to woodworking, the artist has excelled in his mastery of the medium. Fine galleries and discerning collectors have acquired his works and commissioned him to create furniture and frame designs. His work is represented in numerous collections nationally and internationally. Mr. Guerra is of extraordinary spirit and generosity. He is currently volunteering in the rescue and repair of New Orleans.

To contact Paul:

840 Piety Street
New Orleans, LA 70117



174 Sarvisberry Lane, Floyd, Virginia 24091 • 540 - 745 - 6330 • gibby@sarvisberry.com