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Raleigh Fine Artists Exhibition

March 4- April 22, 2018
Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts
Meymandi Concert Hall & Betty Ray McCain Gallery
2 E South Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Continuum and Beyond

March 15-May 15, 2018
Voter Participation Center
1707 L Street, NW suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

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Where to start?

First - to my husband, and best friend - Buz Waitzkin - who has always been there for me in every way possible- who has encouraged me to return to my love of art, gardening, cooking, loving life and friends, and the one who has got to be my biggest fan and promoter.

To my son, Graeme - who is definitely my second biggest fan - who has always helped out - even the day before his graduation from Duke - he helped me plant over 1,500 lavender plants!

To my parent, Ralph and Bennie Edwards - who passed on the seeds of my grandparents - figuratively and spiritually - as well as their knowledge of plants, their love of gardening, their work ethic (hard work), encouraging to always pursue my artistic way and for sending me to school to learn how to make and appreciate art.

To my sibs, Woody, Nancy and Ralph - Woody who always has had faith in me to use my creative force and sends me the Woods grass, to Nancy - who has loved all of my new works and has modeled for me since she was a baby, to Ralph who understood the meaning of my work and how it relates to our family and its heritage.

To folks at Pyramid Atlantic - Helen Frederick - who started me on this journey of papermaking and who has been my guide, advisor for how, who, what of papermaking, to Mary Ashton, former Master papermaker - she taught me the ins and outs of how to do this work, Amanda Degener, the new kid on the block at Pyramid, she came in here at the last few months and pushed me to a higher plain in my work, to Yuki - she stepped to help me pull off some of the last and best pieces fro the show, and the all the other folks - Beth Ann, Lama and the members of the Board- a very special thank you.

To the folks that helped to put it all together - Scot Howard, my former Gibson Creative Tech Man for everything - has been my teacher in Photoshop, scanning, and printing, as well as helped in the graphics for all the pieces and materials for the show - hes the best; to Paul Guerra - who made the frames for the show - from hemlock wood from the trees that died on our farm, Sarvisberry (more Paul elsewhere) to Mary Jo Moon and all of framing assistants at Chesapeake Framers, especially Kinsey and Tim, and to Bob Hughes for his assistance in photography and the web site.

To all the folks who encouraged me to hang in there - Barbara Ann - who always knew where my heart and soul was/is - in my art and that it takes a long time to grow an old friend!, Annette Polan - who pulled me back to my art with her constant love, friendship and encouragement, to Judy Jones - who I really miss - her talking through the return from illness and her critique that I was on to something; to Georgia Deal - her critique reminded me that handmade paper has its own memoryand those curves and wrinkles are its beauty; to George Hemphill for his advice and assistance in the design and presentation of my work; to Jack and Marilyn Kehoe - for their constant love, and insisting that I strive for the best; to Burke and Judy Davis - who felt the power of the handmade paper and the symbols/meanings of the plants and flowers and who live with it always; to Diane Flynt - who has sent me plants, flowers, thistle fiber, books, articles, love, kisses and encouragement beyond what any friend should or could expect and to Gail Britton for getting me up - figuratively and mentally - for always believing in me in everything I do!!

To the healers - Diane Connolly - who has given me the gift of health and the faith that I can heal myself - and all the other incredible folks at Tai Sophia Institute; to Jan Dommerholt and all the folks at Dr. Gerwins office - who have helped to take the pain away so I could do this body of work; to Sharon Alperowitz and Charlie Olsen - they helped to move my mind, body and soul to another place, and to Joe Paolucci, Cynthia Cooper and Mary Brown - who keep my body moving and walking.
To the folks that have given me pulp, flowers, plants and photographs - Ralph and Bennie, Burke and Judy, Diane, Jack and Marilyn, Bridget and Hugh Meagher, Alina Salgonicoff, Annette Polan and Courtney Fox, Cynthia Guyer, Andrea and Gary Duren, Fran and Hal Strickland, Randy McManus and John Washburn, Ann and Jackson Boswell, and Darcy Lewis.
For all the help with the pulp preparation - Lucy Aquino - my paper making assistant and her family of helpers - Rona, Lea, Celine, Vien, and Benny; Dexter Slusher, Sarvisberry Farm Manager - helping with growing, maintenance, harvesting and prep work; to Leia Jones, my other paper making assitant and all of their friends - Rita and Ry Brown and now Sarah Mende whos taken over in papermaking, to Tom Ashcraft - who recognize how special the hemlock at Sarvisberry is, to Jill Markowitz and Barry Ensminger - who have helped over many years to make Sarvisberry be a special place and given many hours of hard work.

And finally, to everyone else who has contributed to my getting here - you know who you are and so do I. I am very grateful. Thanks.


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