Upcoming Show:

Continuum of Being II

October 14th- November 8th, 2015
Opening Reception - Thursday, October 15th
4:00-6:00 pm

Frankie Weems Gallery,
Meredith College

3800 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, N.C. 27607

The Journey Continues

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Where to start?

Right after I was asked to have a show at Tai Sophia Institute, I found out that I was going to have to have another (sixth) foot operation. The surgery was a fusion on my right foot- involving insertion of a metal plate with screws, a nerve block, lots of pain killers, two different casts, bed-ridden for months and in a wheel chair, unable to drive, etc. etc.

When I came to Dianne six years ago, I was in pretty bad shape with a rare nerve disease, CRPS, because of numerous foot operations. Over the past six years, Dianne, Jan Donmerholt, Dr. Gerwin, Dr. Thomas, Kelly, my nutritionist, Sharon Alperowitz, Dr. Charles Olsen, Joe Paolucci, Mary Brown, Cynthia Cooper - all helped to move my mind, body, and soul to another place - another adventure - my art. So, when I heard that I was taking another journey, or as Dianne says, "the dance", I decided I had to really be part of my healing - I had to do everything possible to keep my pain syndrome from spreading. The goal of healing myself was a clear one for me - I got there by every force I had my family, my friends, my East to West - doctors, every healer available!!!

Thank you to all of you:
First to my husband and my best friend, Buz, who has always been there for me in every way - throughout this journey, this dance has been amazing. His love, support, admiration, and advocacy of my art has been incredible. To my son, Graeme, and his future wife, Kate, you are the best - our hope for a better future in our world. (Graeme helped me plant over 1,500 lavender plants in 2001) To my parents... Ralph and Bennie - who passed on the seeds of my grandparents - figuratively and spiritually - as well as their knowledge of plants, their love of gardening, their work ethic, encouraging me to always pursue my adventure in art, but also make sure to take care of myself. To my brother, Woody, and his wife, Nancy, who opened up their home, their garden in Hawaii with its extraordinary plants and flowers, and helped me produce the Hawaiian fibers for the Quilts #3 and #4. (Nancy, with a degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine kept me full of good energy with my recovery stay at their home.) To my apprentices, Minnie Martin and Eva Thornton, who have poured endless hours into producing these works - assisting in gathering flowers, pressing, gathering fibers - soaking, cooking, washing, beating, pouring, vacuuming, pressing, drying - papermaking is hard work. In addition, they helped with waxing, mounting, hanging the works for the show. Their graphic design talents assisted in the show glossary, guide, and list. They've been there from start to finish. And then there's always Scot- who comes to the rescue on invites and other materials! I would also like to thank Andrea Goodrum, who helped with the pulp preparation.

With a Little Help from my Friends and Quilts #1 and #2 are flowers from friends and family that encouraged me through six long months - Jill & Barry, Gail & Peter, Cynthia & Jeff, Barbara Ann & Bruce, Eli, Bunny & Charles, Sue & Carmen, Bridget & Hugh, Marilyn & Jack, R.G., Georgia & Tom, Louis & Alina, Lucia, Nancy & Ralph, Nancy & Randy, Rick & Julie, Wanda, the folks at Fox-Kiser- Alan and Dan, Jackie & Woody, Silvie, Susan & Lloyd, Ed & Randy, Flory, Lucy & Benny, Ellen & Rich, Nancy, Amy & Lindsay, the folks at Harvest Moon - Margie, Katherine, & Connie, Annette, and so many others. Another healer I need to thank is Jason Redinbo, with whom I started working after my surgery at the Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine. His team, Eli & Melissa, and many others who helped me from the very beginning and continue to help and teach me.

Needless to say, many works would not be on these walls if not for My Amy, my paternal grandmother. She continues to be my kindred spirit in creating my art. Thank you for being. Of course, it goes without saying that John Wilson here Tai Sophia is a wonderful guy, his guidance, input, enthusiasm, assistance and great smile kept me going.

In final, I want to dedicate this body of work to all the healers and each of us who struggle and succeed in the journey of healing.


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